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Moneta will increase its e-commerce footprint with new logos by the end of the year, by supporting the operations of the e-commerce companies that it works with, in Turkey and Europe. Moneta Business Solutions, which is in the process of making a partnership agreement for personalization solutions in e-commerce, aims to complete the year with a growth of over 100 percent.

Moneta Business Solutions, a technology services company specializing in business solutions, business applications and cloud solutions, has been operating since 2017 with its expert team that has gained decades of collective experience in many different ERP projects.

Helping medium-sized and corporate clients to solve their business problems by providing strategic consultancy services, innovative offers and industry-specific solutions built on the latest technologies, Moneta is the world’s number 1 Cloud ERP since its establishment, Oracle NetSuite’s services in different countries in the MEA region, including Turkey. as an authorized business partner.

NetSuite, which is a single business management package that includes ERP, CRM and e-commerce used by more than 31 thousand organizations, is suitable for companies in different sectors, especially e-commerce, who want to move their business to the global arena or already have global operations, with the solutions it has developed and its industry experience. Moneta, which provides services, makes use of the power of cloud technology while doing this.

Moneta Business Solutions Managing Partner Serkan Pakhuylu stated that they continue to work with the mission of helping companies scale their organizations and focus on their growth targets on a global scale, and answered our questions by stating that they have signed successful projects with many domestic and foreign companies and they continue to do so.


> What kind of company is Moneta? What are the main services and solutions?

Moneta is a sales and consultancy company founded in 2017 and focused on Cloud Technologies. Although we have niche solutions specific to different sectors, we can say that our locomotive solution is Oracle’s cloud ERP system called NetSuite. We are Oracle NetSuite’s authorized Partner in the ECEMEA region. Using NetSuite, we enable companies to manage all their processes, from accounting to sales, from purchasing to production, from a single system and without the need for any infrastructure investment.

As Moneta, we have dozens of solutions that we have developed on NetSuite. Such as Turkey accounting localization, which is indispensable for companies in Turkey, integrations with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Magento, etc. E-Commerce platforms that we use in our e-commerce companies, and shipping company integrations such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, etc. With both the solutions we developed on NetSuite and our industry experience, we serve companies in different sectors, especially e-commerce, who want to move their business to the global or already have global operations.


>How do you create added value in e-commerce companies?

The biggest problem we see in the e-commerce companies we work with is to manage different channels simultaneously. For example, a company has 10 different stores only on Amazon, when eBay and Shopify are added to this, a structure that is very difficult to manage manually emerges.

Another important problem is that companies with operations in different countries use local solutions both for legal accounting and to manage channels in that country. The fact that different systems are used in different countries brings with it many difficulties such as making it difficult to expand into new countries, requiring a serious system investment, as well as making holistic visibility difficult.

The added value we offer here is actually our radical solution to these problems. With Oracle NetSuite, we first eliminate the need for different systems in different countries by using the power of the cloud. Let’s say the company has operations in Turkey and America today and wants to expand into the UK. Since all the main data is already in NetSuite, after connecting new stores to NetSuite, the company is ready to sell within days. In addition, NetSuite being a global solution and solving the need for local accounting for almost all countries completely eliminates the need for different systems. In addition to all these, the instant visibility of the entire stock, the instantaneous availability of consolidated reports, the instantaneous provision of all key performance indicators such as channel-based sales and profitability allow our companies to have a holistic view and spend more time on how to grow their business.

With the integrations we provide, we enable our companies to manage all their operations in all countries from a single system. With these solutions, our companies manage their dozens of stores, sales, warehouses and accounting from a single system. When they open a new store or want to expand to a new country, the system can keep up with their pace.


>Do you have any suggestions for companies to develop a healthy ERP approach?

There are dozens of ERP solutions in the industry, the important thing is that the company chooses the most suitable solution for itself. When choosing, it is very important to have a solution that can meet both today’s and future needs, that can grow with the company, that has the flexibility to keep up with the company’s growth, and that has a strong infrastructure. After choosing the appropriate solution, partner selection is another important point. Industry experience of the business partner and having done similar projects are very important points for the companies. This knowledge can be of vital importance, especially for companies that are new to the e-commerce side.


>How are your 2022 goals?

At the beginning of 2022, we started to work with many e-commerce companies that opened to the global market. Currently, we primarily support them in managing their operations in the Turkish and European markets. We help them manage their processes both from their own e-commerce infrastructure and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Our goal is to increase our e-commerce footprint with new logos by the end of this year and to make our knowledge in this field useful for their growth.

On the solution side, we are also interested in personalization solutions with a focus on e-commerce. We are about to sign a partnership agreement with a company in this field. E-Commerce continues to grow all over the world, so we continue to invest in this area. Our goal is to close this year with a growth of over 100%, just like last year, with the solutions and services we offer in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.

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