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Segmentify is an e-commerce personalization platform that helps online retailers optimize their conversion rates, enabling them to offer a unique shopping experience for every visitor. The primary purpose of this platform is to interact with customers who shop and make them feel special. In this way, to increase the sales of the brand visibly. There are several revolutionary features on Segmentify, which has a 14-days free trial. Behavioral targeting, real-time conversion analysis, fast integration, personalized product recommendations & push notifications are some of them.

Did you know that customers are 216% more likely to buy on personalized searches?

Empathize with your customers. When you visit an e-commerce store, you go directly to the search bar. At that point, a few products suggested with the question “Did you search for this product?” may tempt you. For that reason, your e-commerce site must have a personalized search feature. You can offer your visitors tailored experiences, including popular categories, trending products, top brands, and most frequently entered search terms.

Every e-commerce marketer aims to grab the attention of their customers. That’s why different and colorful message pop-ups are one of the most efficient marketing strategies. They offer products to users browsing related articles or pages on your website.

Pop-ups draw attention to the content you want to show. This way, they increase your site’s personalized tools. Deals and discounts, product recommendations, cart notifications, cart reminders, new categories, free shipping announcements, offers for new members, and reminders like “sign-up now” or “follow us on social media” and so forth.

According to Segmentify 2021 statistics, there is a 10% increase in the total revenue of its customers. You can increase your sales by making the right decisions for your company.

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