Envivo for Hospitality

The first key to success in hospitality industry is the company’s ability to respond to differentiated expectations of its guests and creating personalized values. And now there is Envivo, the simplest digitalization tool to tailor sales messages to customer and boost sales in your hospitality business.

Envivo lets you send the offer on a digital salesroom only to the attention of a single receiver. This individual microsite will contain all the information and documents your guest will want to see from plans, banquet folder, videos to photos. Rather than a one way e-mail, your offer will look like a chic brochure which is automatically created.

You will no longer get stuck in e-mail size limits and your guests will “shop around” easily whenever they want. Moreover, with built-in text chat and video call tools of Envivo digital salesroom, each digital interaction will turn into a simple, clear and personal relationship between your brand and the customer. Contact history will be saved so that hospitality companies will exactly know what each guest wanted the last time or when the deal failed. With all the data unified, you will have the chance to do better each time.

To bring in the power of digitalization to your hospitality business, call Envivo Turkey solution provider Moneta now. Let your possible guests know more about your brand and your sales force know more about your customers.

Benefits of Envivo for Hospitality:

  • Sell More: As well as your basic offer, Envivo digital salesrooms can be used to offer additional services related to the visit or event.
  • In-depth Understanding: Your guests will love the ease of flawless communication while your company can track turning points of sales efforts.
  • Better Timing: Get informed as soon as an offer has been viewed and start follow-up at the right time.

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