Cash Flow Forecasting

Make data-driven strategic cash decisions with the world’s #1 cloud ERP choice NetSuite’s infrastructure empowered by master touches from Moneta. Effectively manage cash flow from all sources with real-time view of cash positions and simply turn data into accurate forecasts.

Make use of totally configurable dashboards with built in links to key management processes, ease the tasks of any decision maker and let your think-tank focus on their own responsibilities. Track cash balances, complete payable/receivable figures, cash flow trends and dynamic 6 month cash flow forecast feature. Set reminders and alarms, and get a 360 degree view of current and future financial positions.

Embedded within NetSuite, our cash flow forecast solution serves to companies from all industries and of any scale. It handles the most complex cash inflow-outflow of global companies as well as the needs of highly cash sensitive start-ups. Incorporating multiple datapoints from billing plans to sales forecasts, and expenditure schedules to fund sources in a single business analytics environment, this module lets you plan growth while keeping your feet on the ground.

Call NetSuite solution provider Moneta now and deploy the data-driven, 7/24 open digital intelligence with our enterprise cash flow forecast tool. Bring flexibility and accuracy to financial decision making with the real cloud ERP SaaS.    

Moneta NetSuite Turkey localization offers you much more return to your cloud ERP investment. In addition to the functionalities of world’s most preferred cloud ERP NetSuite, our localization pack lets companies reach total legal and accounting compliance and the best fit to Turkish market practices.

Benefits of Moneta Cash Flow Forecasting:

  • Scalable cash flow forecast infrastructure with top-of-class architecture
  • Complete functionality for any industry and corporate scale
  • 100% customizable dashboards and built-in analytics
  • Top-noch support and training from NetSuite certified experts

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