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Wholesale distribution is as profitable as it grows and when your business is big, agility is more important than ever. World’s best-selling SaaS solution NetSuite lets wholesale and distribution companies adapt to any change rapidly, letting them stay agile and be competitive.

Unified platform on cloud reduces wholesale distributors IT costs while giving them real-visibility across their field. Running processes on a single, true cloud software platform brings enormous wholesale and distribution data into a single system, which is accessible from anywhere. With NetSuite, companies can record every movement and interaction in a flexible system and turn them into better decisions, faster delivery times and higher customer satisfaction. From financials to sales, real-time metrics will be just clicks away.

If you’re looking for the high-end cloud SaaS for your wholesale distribution business, call NetSuite ECEMEA solution partner Moneta. Gain unrivalled insight from organizational data with the power of cloud and empower your staff with 360o view of business.

Benefits of NetSuite for Wholesale & Distribution

  • Omnichannel ready: With built-in multichannel properties, NetSuite lets companies bring and access all data from different channels in a single point.
  • Best-of-breed Financials: Ensure flawless accounting and effective financial management with automation tools.
  • Marketing Talent: Data driven processes and real-time metrics bring quality to customer engagement and eases new market expansion.
  • Harmony of Orders and Sales: Accept orders from any point online or offline, unify them with master class insight and create unparalleled sales efficiency.

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