Amazon Integration

Unite the powers of world’s #1 cloud ERP NetSuite and the biggest online marketplace Amazon with ready-to-use Amazon NetSuite integration service from Moneta. Unify and control every bit of e-commerce data with your enterprise system and step to the future of e-trade management now. Say goodbye to manual processes, human errors, time consuming practices, and boost customer satisfaction.

A successful NetSuite Amazon integration lets your company keep track of each electronic transaction without shifting from system to system, easily apply exchange rate fluctuations to prices, and save time by having financial e-commerce data automatically recorded in the ledger. Moreover, your workforce do these all with any smart device and anywhere.

You can pinpoint any specific order, monitor complete shipment journey, analyze returns and cancellations, and automate reports. With real-time marketplace data integrated in enterprise system and processed with the best-of-breed analytics of NetSuite, management can deploy data-driven digital marketing strategies at each level with unrivalled ease and accuracy.

To excel on both ends of online business, call expert NetSuite solution partner Moneta now and unify the world’s biggest marketplace’s data with all core processes from accounting to warehouse. Get your own customized and ever scalable Amazon NetSuite integration solution from accredited experts.

Benefits of Amazon NetSuite Integration by Moneta:

  • Ready to use integration that can be customized depending on your specific needs
  • Latest technology, future-ready designs
  • Close teamwork from day 1 to go-live day
  • Affordable prices with all the service received from a single place

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