Advanced Landed Cost

As your company grows, you understand that every cent counts. And if you’re also operating globally you understand that even less counts either. This is why we offer you the best-of-breed Advanced Landed Cost tool, expertly designed by Moneta on the world’s most preferred cloud ERP NetSuite.

Our Advanced Landed Cost solution takes into account all strategic pricing figures like shipping and freight costs, insurance and compliance costs, customs and import costs, handling and payment transfer fees, export license costs, demurrage fees, exchange rate fluctuation based costs and port charges. Not enough? Then add your own extra variables on and even automate it for reminders.

Advanced Landed Cost helps you take a real-time look into ever changing costs environment and interpret outcomes for data-driven pricing policies. It takes hours of work off your workforce’s shoulders and saves valuable resources. Moreover, it integrates with your enterprise system to enhance all the cost and price related processes, and being ever scalable, fits to any enterprise from any industry.

Call us now to add the ultimate landed cost module on your cloud ERP. Get hours long tasks done in seconds and reach the most accurate results ever. Reduce costs by first reducing the sources you spend to bring up and calculate them.

Benefits of NetSuite Advanced Landed Cost by Moneta:

  • Get landed cost variables automatically and reduce paperwork
  • Pricing and all related calculations made easy
  • Customizable and ever-scalable infrastructure
  • 7/24 support from Moneta experts

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