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NetSuite SuiteSuccess


NetSuite SuiteSuccess

No matter which sector your company is, the world’s best enterprise cloud solution NetSuite is solving your unique industry challenges with SuiteSuccess. And you can get your SuiteSuccess bundle too from Moneta, with the best support, exclusive consultancy and deepest knowledge.

SuiteSuccess is the sum of decades long transformation, bringing in an always new customer engagement model with industry leading practices, KPIs and business specific optimization methods. Focusing on industry vertical processes, activities, challenges and systems, SuiteSuccess helps companies adapt to cloud ERP easier and decreases time to value.

All SuiteSuccess implementations include core ERP functions as well as CRM (customer relations management) and business analytics. Coming with pre-built dashboards and business intelligence metrics, SuiteSuccess bundles are available for manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, software services and other industry vertical functions.

Call Moneta now to learn more about SuiteSuccess. Increase your business efficiency, meet real cloud flexibility and speed up time to value with NetSuite.

Measured Benefits of SuiteSuccess:

  • Business visibility: Actionable insights increases 55% to 80% with end-to-end 360° visibility
  • Faster reporting: Time and resource needed reduces by 40% to 55% with quick reports.
  • Audit and financials: Audit completion time reduces 25% to 40% and time to close financial books reduces 45% to 70%
  • Boosted business and IT continuity: Process continuity costs reduce 45% to 65% and IT management costs reduce 40% to 65%

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