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NetSuite WMS

Being the world’s most popular cloud ERP by far, NetSuite warehouse solution WMS (Warehouse Management System) brings ease and visibility to even the most geographically distributed processes from RF barcode scanning to returns authorization. NetSuite WMS optimizes any size of warehouse operations no matter how many SKUs your company has to handle. To get the most out of this top cloud ERP you can immediately contact Moneta, the leading NetSuite Solution Provider in ECEMEA region.

With Warehouse Management System (WMS) of NetSuite, companies can instantly deploy industry-leading practices, define best handling strategies and reach a flawless warehouse management function. NetSuite WMS helps organizations say goodbye to pen and paper for good and minimizes human failures. Shifting from skill-based processes to rule-based ones, companies run their warehouses more efficiently, lower costs and meet customer expectations at maximum.

To learn more about NetSuite WMS and bring your people-intensive warehouse processes to a new level call Moneta now. Let’s start your unique cloud transformation now.

NetSuite Warehouse Management benefits are:

  • Excellent Data Capture and Accuracy. All the desired data per item is captured by a mobile device to ensure error-free inventory.
  • Ultimate Inventory Visibility. Track your value chain in real time from the time items enter the warehouse to time each exits.
  • Maximum Space Utilization. Know your space needs day by day and see bottlenecks instantly. Store goods in the most efficient way with the help of NetSuite intelligence.
  • Boosted Labor Productivity. Mobile devices bring rule-based approach to this people-intensive process and minimize human failure in warehouse function.
  • Full Customer Satisfaction. Minimize mis-picks with data based warehousing and increase customer satisfaction with quicker deliveries.

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