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Price is the main competition variable in the professional services sector and if you too want to do more with less employees, meet future-ready NetSuite solutions. Get freed of software complexity, as well as maintenance and upgrade expenses for good. Replace your aging technology system with real cloud SaaS and make use of #1 cloud ERP system of the world.

NetSuite lets staffing and recruiting companies focus on the professional services they give and make growth the priority. Eliminating manual processes, fragmented reporting and data, NetSuite supplies error-free and robust professional services automation options. NetSuite helps manage all your core processes end-to-end through bid-to-bill lifecycle and decreases your expenses. With tested built-in metrics have a real-time insight of business and reach company wide data from a single point.

Know what you’ll pay for software at day 1 and plan future business on a totally scalable cloud Services Resources Planning (SRP) software. Serve globally with multicurrency friendly ERP software and reach best-of-breed financial management. Contact Moneta now, the expert NetSuite solution partner of Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and check what the world’s most preferred cloud ERP offers for your professional services business.

Benefits of NetSuite for Professional Services

  • Business Insight: Real-time, data-driven information ensures accurate decisions and effective planning.
  • Better Financials Management. Ensure financial compliance with automated expenditure calculations and take advantage of tested business metrics.
  • Team-up Right. Understand time, demand, capacity, availability and skills to identify the optimal service mix through every project.
  • Limitless Accessibility. Empower your employees by giving them access to actual data from any device and anywhere with just a few clicks.

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