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Bring the power and flexibility of cloud software to your performance management processes with Oracle Planning and Budgeting. Make use of best built-in content from quick forms to dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to drivers. Get real time insight over your current and future capabilities with latest cloud solution without ever thinking about software update and maintenance costs. Call Moneta now to learn more about Oracle’s world-class Planning and Budgeting solution. Get the most out of cloud with the least out of your budget.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud delivers exceptional power and value for all types of planners, decision makers, analysts and modelers. With proven best-in-class architecture, companies benefit from real flexible planning and always-on-time reporting features.

Regardless of the industry, this proven cloud planning platform helps solve even the most complex planning use cases. From rolling forecasts to time-sensitive planning, companies gain the most sophisticated and automated prediction capabilities on every planning activity without any bias.

Get the power of top-notch cloud planning solution with subscription-based model. Contact Moneta and free-up your sources with Oracle Planning and Budgeting.

Benefits of Oracle Planning and Budgeting:

  • All included, all tailored: Pre-built frameworks are totally configurable and support corporate asset planning solutions according to your specific requirements
  • Real-time insight: Changes in environment and business needs automatically turned into long-range, financial forecasts with strategic modeling capabilities
  • Instinctive roadmaps: Intuitive business wizards empower planning in progress
  • Data driven management: Confident decision making with best-of-breed analytics, dashboards, “what if” analyzes and predictive capabilities

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