Magento 2 Integration

The world’s #1 cloud ERP solution NetSuite unifies core function data, and Magento 2 unifies top ecommerce platform services from design to content management, and we as Moneta unify these two with master class Magento 2 NetSuite integration service.

A successful Magento 2 NetSuite integration helps orienting critical data between these platforms and lets your company do much more with less time and less workforce needed. Costs quickly get interpreted into competitive prices, orders get reflected to inventory records instantly, any payment data from multiple gateways move to ledger and into financial reports automatically. Online product data (price, color, description, etc.) updates in seconds, overselling and underselling become history, refunds get faster and browser-to-buyer conversion rates boost.

With all desired business processes automatically shared between independent systems, you enhance employee productivity and reduce customer serving errors. From inventory update to customer relations, and pricing notifications to financial reporting and forecasting, you get every data related task done easily, and complete any job from within a single system.

Having data mapped instantly, saying goodbye to manual processes and related human errors, and getting rid of switching between screens, every single business function excels, so does productivity. Improved efficiency results in instant pay-off, higher ROI and growth as well as ultimate customer experience.

Call the expert NetSuite solution partner Moneta know for a 100% tailored NetSuite Magenta 2 integration service. Empower your core functions with the ground breaking, feature-rich ecommerce platform, and your online business with the world’s #1 cloud ERP.  

Benefits of NetSuite Magento 2 Integration by Moneta:

  • Close team working from planning stage to go live day
  • Best prices with well-designed global reach
  • 7/24 support and training from accredited experts

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