How about bringing ultimate ease to the long and complex tasks of visual merchandising with expert support from Moneta? Meet OneStore, the cloud-based and mobile-enabled visual merchandising software that helps retailers plan and monitor all activities in real-time.  

Bringing instructions, visuals, time-plans and reports in a single and bidirectional communication system, OneStore provides the ultimate digital toolkit for every player of any visual merchandising team, from the staff to the managers.

It integrates with your existing planogram and any other physical store design tool, and rids your team of switching from one system to another, never ending e-mails and tiring messaging. You can use it via your smartphone or any hand held device, and even turn its camera into a visual-based communication hub with photo and video captioning feature.

With Mobilgi OneStore, top management can instantly pinpoint any problems before they turn into a catastrophe. Store managers can see every bit of instruction and related plans in a single interface and inform their teams. Floor staff can easily report each progress at any stage and get instant confirmation.   

Call Moneta now and bring retail displays to life faster, more effective and less costly than ever with OneStore. Consolidate every detail of visual merchandising operations and let your store shine.

Benefits of OneStore for Retailers:

  • Real-time visibility of any visual merchandising operation
  • Compliance with existing design and planogram tools
  • Tasks, plans, communication and feedback in a single, bidirectional platform
  • Online and offline data entry by any popular smart device
  • Built-in scorecards for performance tracking
  • Compliance with different retail types - fashion, grocery, general merchandise

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