Envivo for Automotive

Car business means dealing with varied wishes, requirements and customized configuration options. All these end up with new price proposals, endless messaging and loss of valuable time. Thanks to the brand new digital salesroom tool Envivo, now individual quotes for as many configuration options as you like is generated in minutes now.

With Envivo built-in dashboards, automotive companies can track key performance indicators (KPI), measure response and quickly adjust sales promotions. Knowing which customer is dealing with which quote, car dealers will have the chance to strategically plan next sales move at the best moment.

Automotive companies can also add payment options to this groundbreaking digital salesroom Envivo. Adding financing opportunities and any other details in Envivo, and having the chance to make text chats and video calls will save time for both the company and the sales force.

If you think it’s time to shift into the next gear for your automotive sales call Envivo solution partner Moneta now. Sell more cars with less people in shorter time.

Benefits of Envivo for Automotive:

  • Reduced Administration: Automated sales activities and real time adjustments lower administrative effort.
  • Sell Everywhere: Envivo digital salesroom makes any mobile device at the potential customer’s hands your sales point.
  • Faster Sales Closing: From first contact to signing, automate, digitalize and speed up message flow between the customer and sales team.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Build loyalty by giving your customer the complete information and let them save time evaluating between alternatives.

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