NetSuite Implementation

Are you considering to go cloud with NetSuite, the most preferred cloud ERP of the world? Then contact Moneta and take the first step with the expert. Being the experienced official ECE NetSuite partner, Moneta studies your special case in-depth and paves the way to a successful NetSuite implementation.

We start with engaging your ERP project teams of managers, engineer and management and prepare clear checklist of tasks. We let you know of the project budget, timelines and the administration needed at the very beginning. Then we will build actionable plans for the deployment of NetSuite. All the customizations per desk and department needed will be identified and micro plans will be arranged.

We will work close by your teams to prepare all the basis for the go-live day. Critical data will be migrated step by step while training, configuration and testing plans are running. After final data migrations are completed we will test your cloud SaaS under different scenarios. Only when every feature is working properly, we will transfer you the ownership of a flawless cloud ERP system. And whenever you need additional consultancy, maintenance or support, Moneta experts will be just a call away.

To learn more about Moneta NetSuite Implementation advantages call now and get professional cloud ERP advice. Get more out of #1 cloud solution with less out of your budget.

Benefits of Moneta’s NetSuite Implementation Service:

  • Working with experts which has complete understanding of NetSuite
  • Taking advantage of global experience and cross-boundary consultants of Moneta
  • Clear view of all necessities at day 1
  • Complete engagement throughout your NetSuite implementation project

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