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I graduated from Işık University, Department of Business Administration in English. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, I did industry research and decided that the ERP industry was the best for me. I chose the software sector because I had a great interest in information technologies. That’s how I gravitated toward what I’m doing now. 

I didn’t want to do a monotonous job in my career. On the contrary, I wanted to take part in different sectors and different projects by doing what I enjoyed. I knew that I would interact with many sectors in the ERP world and that I could get out of the uniform flow in the business world by executing projects of different sectors. In this way, I thought that I would get different experiences about the business world and sectors. That’s why I chose to take part in the ERP industry. In this direction, after graduating from university, I first worked as an SAP accounting consultant in the ERP sector. 

Prior to joining Moneta, I worked as an SAP accounting consultant for about 3 years. Afterwards, I worked as a business analyst in a project related to banking and insurance for 1 year. Following this project, I worked as an IFS ERP specialist in a factory that produces machinery in the defense industry. During this time, I received training in business analysis methodology, modeling techniques and test management. 


I felt that this experience would make a difference to my business life and meet my need to discover new adventures. 

I thought the future in the ERP industry was in Cloud ERP. I knew that NetSuite was a pioneer in this regard. At the same time, I wanted to learn new things, and NetSuite could offer me. I knew Moneta was also a successful NetSuite solution provider. Since I am in the ERP industry, I have heard that Moneta has done successful work in this sector before.
I found all the requirements that were important to me in Moneta and confirmed that Moneta was the best company for me. That’s why I joined Moneta in August 2021. 


As a Senior NetSuite Consultant at Moneta, I assist clients with all modules of Netsuite. This; It includes tasks such as extracting analysis, creating documentation, training, and supporting customers with the problems they face. 

In addition to my consultancy in the fields of accounting, sales, purchasing, production and warehouse, I am also a consultant for the Localization solution that Moneta offers to its customers. We can say that I am currently consulting for all modules of NetSuite. 

I have been involved in more than twenty successful NetSuite projects with Moneta. Working on these projects, each in different countries, has allowed me to gain new experiences from a global perspective. Taking part in the business processes of different countries has made a great contribution to my career.

Apart from that, it is important for every person to enjoy the work environment. You can definitely find a pleasant working environment in Moneta. Thanks to the good team communication in the company, we are signing successful projects.

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