Omac NetSuite Success Story

OMAC Global Aims To Offer High Quality And Affordable Automobile Accessories To All Its Customers

OMAC is a global brand operating in the world automotive accessories market, established in Germany in 2006 with 100% Turkish capital. The brand, which has reached large clients in Europe, made its American investment in 2018. OMAC USA opened its 2nd warehouse in Houston, Texas in 2018. The company, which started all its official processes in 2021, also launched its new company OMAC FRANCE SAS in Paris, France, and its operational warehouse as of July.

OMAC, which continues to grow confidently in the online market of global automotive accessories; brings more than 20 thousand products to tens of millions of consumers in more than 50 countries through its worldwide marketplaces, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and its own websites.


Managing 20+ Online Shops in a Unified System

OMAC, which wants to deliver to the end customer in the fastest way, has started a search to find the most compatible ERP software with the e-commerce infrastructure. OMAC, which will continue its investments in many parts of the world, has also taken into account the developments in the globalization process in the search for ERP software. OMAC, which wants to gather its operations all over the world under a single roof, can use globally; decided that Oracle NetSuite was the most appropriate investment in terms of user experience, data security, e-commerce infrastructure and analytics. Currently OMAC manages its 20+ online shops in global marketplaces on NetSuite.

Gathering Under One Roof

OMAC, which had serious problems in traceability before Oracle Netsuite, can access data instantly and take quick decisions with the flexible reporting and analysis capability offered by the NetSuite system. With Oracle Netsuite, the ability of OMAC employees all over the world to manage processes from the same screen was the beginning of a new and much more comfortable period for OMAC.

Customizable System

Many customizations were also carried out for warehouse management processes with Moneta team. In addition to standard processes, many OMAC-specific improvements were made in terms of shipping and marketplace integration. These touches made to the system during the process enabled Netsuite to work in harmony with OMAC without disturbing its general structure.

You can watch the full  Success Story using below video.


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