Envivo.io (Digital Salesroom)

Every business process is going digital, why not your sales? Envivo.io is here to be your digital salesroom creating the ultimate customer experience and easiest deal handling. Allowing personal chats with your prospects and clustering content for best interaction, this data driven virtual salesroom is the way to say goodbye to e-mail.

Envivo.io lets companies combine all relevant communication under a single interface. Sales forces view entire contact history with any detail from interactions to assets, making it the easiest handover tool. Management gets complete control over usage data and statistics, and customer communication is easily adjusted by item, contact or time. Companies get limitless digital salesrooms with limitless communication designs, while contacts get the latest opportunities in real time.

Call Envivo.io solution partner Moneta for complete information and step into the world of one-stop customer communication. Get the power of digital salesroom approach now.

Benefits of Envivo.io Digital Salesroom:

  • Digitalized business memory: View entire interaction history of contacts with just a click and easily handover accounts
  • No more size limits: Exchange text, still, video and audio files with unlimited document size
  • Friendly formats: Customization options in styling and wording allow envivo.io to merge with your current CI/CD (continuous integration/continous delivery)
  • Client-wise sales: Take advantage of action sensitive software and build timely strategies

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