Every customer is unique, so why not serve each in a unique way? Here is Segmentify, the eCommerce personalization platform that helps any online retailer deliver unique shopping experiences for their customers. And you too can have it with expert level support from Moneta.

With cutting-edge technology behind, Segmentify enables you to recognize each individual shopper and privately engage with each transaction in real-time. This helps you to deliver optimum shopping experience and make individualized recommendations, and your customers to find the best deals instantly and build loyalty to your brand.

Personalised Product Recommendation feature of Segmentify impresses potential customers and makes 50% of them to return to your site. And keep in mind that more than that is willing to have recommendations.

Personalised Search feature turns browsers to buyers and more than doubles your chance of closing the deal.

Personalised Push Notifications feature recommends the right products at the very right time in real-time, outpacing e-mails with a 2x more open rate.

Real Time Conversion Analytics feature looks deep into the visitor and the ongoing shopping experience. Automatically deploying digital intelligence for personalized product and bundle recommendations, it helps your possible buyers save time and optimizes high spending.

Behavioral Targeting feature segments buyers by current and past activity schemes and lets you give personalized incentives, discounts, loyalty building offers and interest related recommendations to create more sales and better customer experiences.

Call Moneta now to boost your eCommerce business with exceptional machine learning capabilities of Segmentify. Turn prospects into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers.

Benefits of Segmentify for your e-commerce web site:

  • Best real-time and all-time customer analytics with cutting edge machine learning technology
  • Proven results from top eCommerce brands
  • Totally customizable features with expert level support from Moneta
  • Manageable growth with clear expectations from data-driven personalization

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