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What is Shopify? 

Shopify is an e-commerce store platform that allows companies to create their own e-commerce stores and to exhibit the products and services they sell both in the physical environment and in the virtual environment. 

What is the Moneta Shopify Integration for NetSuite? 

For sellers, the number of the products and selling them in multiple channels can lead to difficulties in the e-commerce process. Therefore, there may be difficulties and losses in terms of tracking the process for a seller who makes sales through Shopify. With the Moneta Shopify integration for NetSuite, you can automate the transfer of data through NetSuite to keep all processes in a central place. With the Moneta Shopify integration, you can eliminate manual data entry, transaction costs, and the processes you’re managing from different dashboards. 

When you connect NetSuite to your Shopify store, online product listings are automatically added, updated, or removed from Shopify. In this way, Moneta allows you to set up a match where you can provide centralized management over NetSuite. 

Thanks to the Moneta Shopify integration for NetSuite, all the information contained in the system of the product or service is reflected in your Shopify store through NetSuite. You can easily list your products or services in Shopify, complete the processes of the orders that occur, issue invoices, and forward the invoices you issue to your customers. 

With the integration that Moneta provides, customer information and orders are automatically imported into NetSuite from Shopify. This means that when a sale occurs on Shopify, that sale is reflected in your NetSuite system in a format that has a sales order record created. This allows you to easily manage your e-commerce operations from a single system no matter how many Shopify stores you have. 

Pros of Moneta Shopify Integration for NetSuite

Accurate Inventory Management 

You can accurately track your inventory to maintain control of your inventory at different points, have better forecasts for reordering, and enable more precise cycle counts. Thus, you have the opportunity to manage your stocks from a single point and without errors. 

Automatic Order Management 

Moneta connect your Shopify and NetSuite systems, giving you the ability to process orders for your e-store and physical store at the same time. Instead of moving data from different systems, you can manage your orders from a single interface. In this way, you can complete orders quickly and easily with the order process that is automated without human error. 

Easy Accounting Management 

The Moneta-Shopify integration allows transactions to be automatically recorded, and debits and receivables to be conveniently managed. All transactions that occur are automatically recorded in the system and it becomes very easy for you to fulfill your financial obligations. Achieving accurate reporting in a timely manner allows you to have more control over your financial assets. 

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